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A List of Books That Every Sitecore Developer Should Read

Not sure if you know — those who follow me on Twitter definitely know — but I am very passionate around improving my craft. I typically do so through reading whatever I can get my hands on — this includes blog posts, tweets, threads on the Sitecore Community site and, most especially, software development books.

Since a lot of people know that I read a ton of books, I am frequently asked on what software development books I recommend. A few years ago, I had a huge list of recommended books that I could easily share via email but that was many computers ago, and I no longer have that list. I’m hoping this blog post can serve as a replacement for it.

I have read every book on this list, and recommend them all. I hope you find them as beneficial as I have.

Keep in mind that this list is not final. I am going to keep adding to it as I read more, or remember other books that I’ve read and recommend (I used to have a library of about 900 books with a diverse set of subjects including Psychology, Sociology, Theoretical Physics, Computer Science and Software Development but donated all but 5 books to charity in 2013).

Sitecore Development

Software Engineering/Software Development/Software Craftsmanship

Design Patterns




Unit Testing

If you have any books that you would like to recommend, please share in a comment.

Until next time, keep on learning and keep on Sitecoring!