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Add JavaScript to the Client OnClick Event of the Sitecore WFFM Submit Button

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A SDN forum thread popped up a week and a half ago asking whether it were possible to attach a Google Analytics event to the WFFM submit button — such would involve adding a snippet of JavaScript to the OnClick attribute of the WFFM submit button’s HTML — and I was immediately curious how one would go about achieving this, and whether this were possible at all.

I did a couple of hours of research last night — I experimented with custom processors of pipelines used by WFFM — but found no clean way of adding JavaScript to the OnClick event of the WFFM submit button.

However — right before I was about to throw in the towel for the night — I did find a solution on how one could achieve this — albeit not necessarily a clean solution since it involves some HTML manipulation (I would opine using the OnClientClick attribute of an ASP.NET Button to be cleaner, but couldn’t access the WFFM submit button due to its encapsulation and protection level in a WFFM WebControl) — via a custom Sitecore.Form.Core.Renderings.FormRender:

using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web.UI;

using Sitecore.Form.Core.Renderings;

using HtmlAgilityPack;

namespace Sitecore.Sandbox.Form.Core.Renderings
    public class AddOnClientClickFormRender : FormRender
        private const string ConfirmJavaScriptFormat = "if(!confirm('Are you sure you want to submit this form?')) {{ return false; }} {0} ";

        protected override void DoRender(HtmlTextWriter output)
            string html = string.Empty;
            using (StringWriter stringWriter = new StringWriter())
                using (HtmlTextWriter htmlTextWriter = new HtmlTextWriter(stringWriter))

                html = AddOnClientClickToSubmitButton(stringWriter.ToString());


        private static string AddOnClientClickToSubmitButton(string html)
            if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(html))
                return html;

            HtmlNode submitButton = GetSubmitButton(html);
            if (submitButton == null && submitButton.Attributes["onclick"] != null)
                return html;

            submitButton.Attributes["onclick"].Value = string.Format(ConfirmJavaScriptFormat, submitButton.Attributes["onclick"].Value);
            return submitButton.OwnerDocument.DocumentNode.InnerHtml;

        private static HtmlNode GetSubmitButton(string html)
            HtmlNode documentNode = GetHtmlDocumentNode(html);
            return documentNode.SelectNodes("//input[@type='submit']").FirstOrDefault();

        private static HtmlNode GetHtmlDocumentNode(string html)
            HtmlDocument htmlDocument = CreateNewHtmlDocument(html);
            return htmlDocument.DocumentNode;

        private static HtmlDocument CreateNewHtmlDocument(string html)
            HtmlDocument htmlDocument = new HtmlDocument();
            return htmlDocument;

The FormRender above uses Html Agility Pack — which comes with Sitecore — to retrieve the submit button in the HTML that is constructed by the base FormRender class, and adds a snippet of JavaScript to the beginning of the OnClick attribute (there is already JavaScript in this attribute, and we want to run our JavaScript first).

I didn’t wire up a Google Analytics event to the submit button in this FormRender — it would’ve required me to spin up an account for my local sandbox instance, and I feel this would’ve been overkill for this post.

Instead — as an example of adding JavaScript to the OnClick attribute of the WFFM submit button — I added code to launch a JavaScript confirmation dialog asking the form submitter whether he/she would like to continue submitting the form. If the user clicks the ‘Cancel’ button, the form is not submitted, and is submitted if the user clicks ‘OK’.

I then had to hook this custom FormRender to the WFFM Form Rendering — /sitecore/layout/Renderings/Modules/Web Forms for Marketers/Form — in Sitecore:


I then saved, published, and navigated to a WFFM test form. I then clicked the submit button:


As you can see, I was prompted with a JavaScript confirmation dialog box.

If you have any thoughts on this implementation, or know of a better way to do this, please drop a comment.

Until next time, have a Sitecorelicious day! 🙂



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  2. They say that in life you need to try everything. Are there things you will never try?


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